Services | Bulk Terminals

Jacobs Petroleum understands that getting fuel in a timely manner means everything. Because of this, we have access to a variety of terminals across the tri-state area. That will help you save time and save money.

We own and operate seven, state of the art bulk plant terminals in Waynesburg, PA; McConnellsburg, PA; Belle Vernon, PA; Everett, PA; Oakland, MD; Deep Creek, MD and Morgantown, WV.

Our terminals have the following storage capacities:

Bulk Terminal Storage Capacity
Belle Vernon, PA 300,000 gallons
Waynesburg, PA 200,000 gallons
Oakland, MD 150,000 gallons
Everett, PA 110,000 gallons
Cumberland, MD 110,000 gallons
McConnellsburg, PA 80,000 gallons
Morgantown, WV 66,000 gallons
Deep Creek, MD 30,000 gallons

All locations are equipped with propane, on road and off-road diesel, gasoline, dyed-kerosene and heating oil.

Each terminal is equipped to sell bulk product to other fuel providers. The terminals are set up with an electronic microload system, which allows our customers to load specific amounts and automatically print Bills of Lading (BOL).

All of our terminals are safe, secure, and open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

We have trucks stationed at Waynesburg, PA; Claysville, PA; Everett, PA; McConnellsburg, PA; Belle Vernon, PA; Oakland, MD; Deep Creek, MD and Morgantown, WV to serve the needs of our customers in those areas.